Web Applications

Our web applications is built up with highly advanced systems for the complex business logic .We ensure transaction of huge data, security and user friendly for every application. Our team developed systems with simple logic for complex business scenarios.

How CVS infosolutions get benefited

  • Development of extreme business solutions and easily usable with clients business scenarios, concepts and expectations
  • Dash board and User interface designs perfectly matches with user dependent and business needs.
  • Cloud technology used to reduce the cost and complexity of systems
  • Quality assurance and Quality control is implemented throughout the software development life cycle.
  • We provide highly professional support &maintenance team to ensure client satisfaction and fulfill their immediate business needs

How we are developing and delivering a Web App for you

Functional & Domain Expertise for system
Based on the client requirement our Business analyst team will work with client to understand their business needs and work flow. Our domain experts will reach out to you for all the feasible solution for your business\personal needs.You will be well informed about the possible future extensions and possibilities of the system that ensure the growth of system with your business.

Project View
Creation\Implementations of Business requirement document (BRD) is comes in this level. Documentation include business needs, project objective, deliverables, resources, platform and system details will be done during this stage.

Technology Implementing and Project Consulting
Our technology experts will guide you completely regarding the technology selection and project guidance. You will be well informed on the best development practices and the information that need for each phase of developing the system. CVS Infosolutions will provide technology update on each phase to make our systems innovative on all time.Deliverables on each stage will be informed earlier with the features and based on client feedback only moving to next stage. We ensure the delivered product is purely a user friendly system.

Requirement Analysis, Technology Framework and Prototyping
Before starting developing the system our team will be completely analyzing the requirement and based on the available information the technology selection will be doing and based on prototype our team will start developing the solution more effectively.

Putting client on top
We are always giving lot of attention for the User Interface, as we believe the success of an application is always intend to how easily user is able to operate on that.To implement maximum attentionto UI prototype is always used for all the application.

Development stage
We strictly following best SDLC practices as we believe structure developing leads future success and it will minimize the complexity of rework. Based on high level project management tool the completion of project makes much smoother and thereby can increase the potential effect on market. Adding domain experts to particular project also makes us different in market.

Integration of completed application
Interoperability with online services and data sources makes our web supplication is s a unique one in the market. As per the requirement our application is ready to integrate with different third-party software and web services(like social networking sites, payment options, online data services, SaaS APIs, master data integration etc..)

Quality Assurance\Quality Control
Our Quality team will continuously monitor developing system to ensure quality Assurance and Quality Control. We following international QA standards and practices for every systems with advanced testing tool and techniques. STLC will ensure professional approach of the solution that we provide.

AS soon as the final demo completed we will be presenting you the application with all the test results and implementation stages. You will e-mailed with all the environment that we need to implement our system and if need our colleagues will work with you to set up the environment. Client will be having a testing stage to ensure all the features came as expected for client satisfaction and familiarization

Product Maintenance & Support
We are happy to provide continuous support and maintenance for the delivered web or software applications. Our team is corrective, adaptive and scheduled maintenance to make every deliverable is successful.

Continuous Improvement of Product
We are believing that our side not completes when an application delivered successfully. We are so eager to know that by using our application client’s business process running smoothly. By using most effective Application reengineering we will be providing you complex future business enhancements .Our architecture ensure that flexibility for every product

Mobile App development

CVS Infosolutions offers wide range of mobile applications based on the client requirement and scope.

Currently mobile App development have a drastic change in this field our solutions makes our customer a convenient and way to handle their business and personal needs.One of the key feature of mobile App is user-friendly independent with the platform.

Our Mobile App team is ready to deliver Apps for Android,iOS,Windows and HTML 5 platforms with native,web and hybrid apps

We make mobile apps with data from other system to ensure you carry you data on the move. Our technical team take an feasibility study with the compatibility between client system and proposed mobile App

Enterprise Mobile Apps devlopment

Our Enterprise mobile app team will wor with clients for the definition of the technology and road map of the proposed system. Our experts will guide for the application features and functionalities need to be added with minimal data storage.

Consumer Mobile Apps development

Through digital marketing, Advertisement and other media we will boost up your marketing plans and executions. In a cost effective way we build your apps to increase bradding of your product and services.

Utility Apps

Our utility apps will make your day to day activities much easier such as daily schedules\plans, financial manager and product details\search. By carrying our app you are ensured that you carried enough details with you on the move that will help you for a presentation, analysis and decision making tool

Our mobile team will work on following

  • Mobile Web Development
  • Personal Expense tracker
  • Analysis report accessible over phone.
  • Mobile ecommerce portal or store
  • Mobile Dashboard Creation
  • Application for public transit system
  • Surveillance solution based on requirement
  • Insurance application for different region
  • Mobile survey application for different industries
  • PDA/Mobile based healthcare solution on area wise
  • Order processing system
  • RFID based mobile tracker with multiple logins
  • Mobile based Warehouse & inventory management application with live data update
  • Mobile based Point of Sale with GPRS\live update
  • Kiosk Application Development with actual data
  • Mobile User Interface Development based on user type

Ecommerce and online payments for retail

E-Commerce Portal Development

Last few years there had huge involvement in retail by IT. Security and user-friendliness is the major features that customers and retailers considered mostly.We provide ultimate online retail solution which ensure user friendly to both retailer and customer also we will provide high security payment gateways. CVS Infosolutions will provide customizable online portal by using innovative technologies and concepts.Mobile app for the same will increase the visibility of portal among customers. Our CRM solutions will cover a complete customer management application with advance features.

Customer Benefits

CVS Infosolutions solutions are customized as per the requirement and customer view and tastes. Our solution will work for place order, compare products based on different criteria and easy navigation through websites

CVS Infosolutions e-commerce solutions work on companies to showcase their products and services more effectively with good visibility on items. Our innovative data management will effectively manage the traffic of the hits

Retailer Advantages

CVS Infosolutions also specializes in the development of application with integrated functionalities for physical storage and online services. Our solutions will work on B2B and B2C same way by the complete e-commerce scope. Future enhancements easily added with our application as we have implemented latest technologies. It also allows easier data management and decision making.

Website Design &Development

CVS Infosolutions provides professional, state-of-the-art and unique website design, development, implementation and maintenance services. Our Highly skilled web designers and developers work on brands creatively to deliver a unique design. rich in features and interactive websites that allow brands to show their online space. CVS Infosolutions specialized programmers with technical and business expertise to create sustainable, robust, secured and interactive online platforms. Our complete solutions allow clients to enhance their customer relations in more effective manner.

Website Design and Development

Using state-of-the-art design tools, CVS Infosolutions designers develop unique, attractive and meaningful web designs that make your brand as bold one. Our Key highlights include:

  • Professional and modern layouts and design with unique appealing
  • corporate identity creation in offline/online modes
  • Consistent colour schemes for effective branding
  • Effective and user friendly space usage with cost effective solutions

Simple and User-Friendly interface

CVS Infosolutions web developers pay lot of attention for an unique solution for you. We ensure ease of access and navigation. Our R& D team will implement new ideas to run exiting business with innovative ideas for a better visibility in the web world Innovative ideas that makes a new branding for the firm. Key features of our interfaces include follows:

  • Intuitive navigational schemes for websites that makes unique among others
  • AJAX-powered interactivity for advanced features
  • Task-oriented workflow for ease of navigation
  • Accessibility standards for market strategy

How our websites Works For You Front-end Functionality

Websites developed by CVS Infosolutions are aimed at enhancing customer interaction and engagement in each level. The sites provide a platform for our clients to reach out to the customer more effectively and interactively. Our solutions help to monitor their online presence, outreach and optimize their sites to their target audience data.

Manage Your Back Office by our solutions

CVS Infosolutions developers integrate with different back-office management to provide an high degree of control over the website. We provide non-technical contents, dynamic and document managing with different file formats. We have visitor management, access rights, permissions and extra apps

Back-end Programming concepts

Our back-end programming concepts following features to youe web domains:

  • Dynamic content creation on pages
  • Real-time payment processing on online payments
  • Database performance optimization and tuning for huge data management
  • Distributed database creation
  • Database design and development for structured concepts
  • Audio/video streaming etc for effective multimedia usage.
  • Data encryption for high security
  • Advanced search mechanism integration for effective visibility in web,
  • Built-in security for data security

Content services

At CVS Infosolutions, we have hands on experience with developing multi-media contents that aligned to promote your brand more effectively. Our content service departments key specialties are:

  • Developing based on concepts and case studies
  • We provide brochures, flyers and banners for your brand
  • Website content making
  • Proofreading by professionals
  • Newsletter and print media content based on brand and industry
  • Ad contents

Digital Marketing

CVS Infosolutions provides unique state-of-art contents for your business branding and promotions. Our team continuously working on innovative concepts of branding and marketing. Our specialed domain experts provides current marketing strategy and trends based on location and domain to provide an unmatched solution. We are trying to provide a fresh concept for each solution that you demands.

Search Engine Optimization

Using state-of-the-art SEO tools, CVS Infosolutions marketers create an extensive analysis and idea for your brand. We will compare with your competitors and based on that the promotion creates. By using our digitial marketing style your brand will highlight in search engine. Your brands will be well known to customer as the brand spreads all over the web with secured contents and informations.
Key highlights of our search engine optimization include:

  • Competitor analysis and review
  • On page Optimization for each
  • Keyword Analysis with brands
  • Off page Optimization for branding
  • Fresh content preparation for blogging and websites
  • Bringing traffic swarm for effective content management
  • Business Listing for better visibility
  • Link Building for ease of access

Social Media

Our social media experts at CVS Infosolutions works for your market existing. We are continuously monitoring the trends\features and techniques in various social Medias. We will provide unique banners and images for your site\account.
Key features of our social media concepts include:

  • Creating optimized social media interface for unique feel
  • Regular posting and maintenance
  • Regular promotional campaigns for industry wise

PPC Campaigns for branding

CVS Infosolutions marketers invest a lot of to curve out strategies for PPC campaigns in social Medias so that you will get and unique place in social media profile. You will be well known and reachable over the social Medias by our techniques.

Online Press Release for announcements

This provides and unmatched exposure to your brands for better marketing and branding. With this you will be getting an long lasting effect in the digital environment

Online Reputation Management solutions

CVS Infosolutions does not stop by increasing web presence of your brand we will provide ideas and techniques for long term existence in this digital world, for that we have some unique solution that created for your own brand. With this solution you wil be noted for long term reputation thereby the existence with client’s mind will lasts for long
One stop view of your online reputation techniques

  • Get reviews about your business and basead on that you will get grow ideas
  • Check your current status with comparison

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